Last train for Julian Assange?

Last Train to Mirabad 
Julian Assange took on the US
Wikileak'd ten years war in Afghanistan
Julian roams downstairs in Woolwich Court
Thinking what would Pilger and Ellsberg do now?
Waiting to be taken through tunnel to Belmarsh Prison
Where ghosts of IRA meet
Ronnie Biggs in special secure unit
No Wikileaks today about Sapper Jamie Larcombe
No mention of his Afghan mate
Both dead in Mirabad
- Ian Curr

On the 50th day of the 24/7 Vigil, I participated in this discussion hosted by George Galloway – expelled from  British Labour Party for his his opposition to the illegal (U. N.) immoral (Pope JP2) Neo Con Invasion of Iraq that finished off Saddam government. The Clinton Liberals had already destroyed Iraqi Civil Society with genocidal sanctions! 

With Gaddafi gone & Assad to go – the defeat of Arab Nationalism by  Modernist Capitalism led by the U. S. in alliance with Saudi variety of Pre-Modernist Islam is near complete! .

 The US/UK Empire will soon be getting back to doing what it does best – killing Catholics in Latin America with a Post- Brexit recolonisation. Australian anti- war publisher Julian Assange appears to be roadkill in these seismic imperial shifts! 

Julian remains resolute, I saw his profile through the window the other day – laughing! 

Ciaron O’Reilly

Bobby Sands said “Our revenge will be in the laughter of our children!” Let’s take our revenge now – mock the powerful, resist them,  offer what solidarity you can muster to our brothers and sisters in chains! 

Some talking points: – Why is the UK refusing to comply with the UN’s Working Group findings stating that Julian Assange should be released? – Will the disregard of these UN Working Group findings affect the legitimacy of various democratic institutions in the UK? – Is Assange’s struggle for freedom a sign of growing authoritarianism in the West? – What is behind the Ecuadorian government’s change of stance on Assange, given that he was permitted refuge 5 years ago? Contributors: – Vaughn Smith Former army officer and award-winning freelance video journalist. Founder of the Frontline Club, London – Patrick Christys Radio Presenter and Journalist … – Julian Morrow Researcher and Theorist – Alexander Nekrassov Former Kremlin and government adviser – Ciaron O’Reilly Assange supporter and activist … – Sarah Kassim Educator and community leader – Tony Gratrex Activist and founder of Reading Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Was on board the Gaza Flotilla, 2010. – Cheryl Sanchez Supporter and activist Title in Arabic

كلمة حرة | جوليان أسانج | 2019-02-


7 thoughts on “Last train for Julian Assange?

  1. With Julian Assange now sentenced to a year in UK jail and facing extradition to USA we are holding an ASSANGE Press Freedom Day rally TOMORROW Friday May 3rd 12 NOON at the UK Consulate 100 Eagle St, Brisbane.

    Speakers including Greens candidate Andrew Bartlett & Pirate Party candidate Brandon Selic & Ellie Balkin & myself. Hopefully some great music too!

    Please come along and let other interested parties know about it. Thanks.

    Gary Lord
    WikiLeaks Supporter


  2. Greetings Comrades from the Belmarsh Front,

    This is Day11 outside Belmarsh Prison confining WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange for prophetic crimes exposing Empire!

    Our presence here, follows 140 days outside the Ecuadorian embassy 24/7 and 8 years accompanying Julian running the gauntley of Brit Courts/jaiks/securocrats/muck raking press +useful idiots of the Brit “Left”!

    People are asking how can they help?

    JD my Techie in Budapest has designed this flyer.
    Please – download
    – print

    *Don’t forget

    Concert this Saturday 2pm
    April 27th
    outside Belmarsh Prison
    And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
    Defend WikiLeaks! *Free Assange!”

    Dublin’s Own Joe Black
    +Aotearoa Thrown Dr. Time.
    *More acts to be announced

    More Info
    Text Ciaron 07 365 916 333

    Ciaron O’Reilly

    “The poor tell us who we are,
    The prophets tell us who we could be,
    So we hide the poor,
    And kill the prophets.”
    Phil Berrigan


  3. Subject: VID–Interview with Ciaron O’Reilly as 24/7 Solidarity moves with Julian Assange to Belmarsh Prison

    Hi Folks,

    As you maybe aware on the 138th day of my 24/7 Solidarity Vigil with Julian Assange outside Ecuadorian embassy/London – I had to go to Dublin on urgent family business.
    4 hours after I left the traitorous Ecuadorian government and British Special Branch moved against Julian extracting him from the embassy.

    By the time I returned at 2 am Saturday April 13-Julian was in Belmarsh Category A maximum security prison near Woolwich (South) London.

    We cleaned the Alley, hired a van that was just the length of my “Coffin Crib” & I lay on top of the box in the dark under a pile of material including a bicycle for the 90 minute drive across town. I can’t recall ever wanting to be an astronaut as a child.

    Anyways, this is interview is conducted on my first day living on a Traffic Island at the entrance of Belmarsh Prison – confining Julian Assange! *He’s in there for us, We’re on the streets for him!”

    *You can an financially contribute to this ongoing solidarity through my Go Fund Me Page

    I’m presently focusing on local solidarity organising

    **This Saturday April 27th 2pm
    Outside Belmarsh Prison
    “… and the Walls Came Tumbling Down
    Defend WikiLeaks! *Free Assange
    Joe from Dublin
    Dr. Time from Aotearoa
    More acts to be announced + local Plumstead/Woolwich talent

    Make contact if you can help
    Ciaron 07-365-916-333
    (Outside UK) +44-7-365-916-333

    VID (8 mins) – Interview with Ciaron O’Reilly
    Day 1 of 24/7Solidarity outside Belmarsh Prison


  4. More information Text/Message Ciaron O’Reilly
    Ph. 07 365 916 333
    +44 7 365 916 333 (from outside UK)

    I returned to the Ecuador embassy London 2 am this morning (from urgent family related business in Ireland)

    I found Dom/Kyke+a friend there watching over my stuff – as the cops had been snuffing around all day.

    In the last daze of the Ecuadorian embassy siege the Canden CW started working like a well oiled machine

    The Camden CW affinity group will be meeting +debriefing today and discussing our next move

    We would like to invite you to a public event at the Ecuadorian embassy before we move to HMP Belmarsh


    We would like to invite you to a closing event at the Ecuador embassy. We will celebrate the nonviolent resistance Julian continues – now within Category A HMP Belmarsh.

    We will also mourn the dead of US/UK wars Julian +WikiLeaks have exposed.

    We will remember comrades like Razz, Genny Bove, Michael Ratner who have passed away over these long 8 tears if struggle.


    Ciaron O’Reilly


    1. I couldn’t work out why we are discussing Assange’s guilt or innocence on a range of matters while the helicopter pilots go free for murdering unarmed civilians in Baghdad, or why George W can go to parties and get blind drunk or not without a single hand laid upon him.

      Photo: Sapper Jamie Larcombe and his partner. Larcombe, 21, from the 1st Combat Engineer Regiment, was killed on February 20, 2011 in the Mirabad Valley region of Uruzgan Province.

      The song ‘I dream of snakes’ at the end of this piece is played by “Jumping Fences” and the first verse translates as:

      There are men who struggle for a day
      and they are good.
      There are men who struggle for a year
      and they are better.
      There are men who struggle many years,
      and they are better still.
      But there are those who struggle all their lives:
      These are the indispensable ones.
      — Bertolt Brecht

      The song was composed by Silvio Rodriguez

      Then a friend reminded me: “Because not only do the victors write the history, but they also prosecute in the courts.”

      That said, here are my concerns.

      I have read a little about the sex allegations on and off since 2010 when the allegations were made by two women. The facts stated say that Assange refused the plea of one woman to use a condom during sex. That he ‘interfered’ with a condom with the second and later, while she was asleep, began unprotected sex with her. Both women asked that he submit to an STD test which he didn’t.

      I think that on these facts alone, if true, he is guilty of sexual misconduct and should be held accountable for it. If true, I think what he did was rape.

      However I can’t see how Assange can be held to account for rape while locked up in a terrorist cell in Belmarsh Prison awaiting extradition to the US. I think the two women in Sweden were the victims of a ‘sting’, their experiences with Assange were used to manipulate a situation where he could be prosecuted by the US Attorney General for releasing classified information with the assistance of Chelsea Manning. Manning refused to be a party to any of it and that is why she is locked up again even though Obama pardoned her. They may crack her yet … but they already have all the info needed to prosecute Assange. Their problem is that they can’t legally get hold of him. He eluded them for 7 years with the help of an anti-yankee Ecuadorian government. But in the end his mental and physical health suffered and the authorities used this to get him out of the embassy. When I saw his face last week as he was dragged from the embassy I was shocked by the toll that it had taken upon him.

      This could indeed be ‘the last train’ for a person who revealed to the world the atrocities of the Iraq war but who also, by releasing a cache of Hillary Clinton’s emails before the presidential election, might have contributed to the election of Trump – which is an international disaster. Mind you, I do not think Clinton would have been much better, if at all.

      For what it is worth, that is my take on the long sad story of Julian Assange.

      Last Train to Mirabad
      Julian Assange took on the US
      Wikileak’d ten years war in Afghanistan
      Julian roams downstairs in Woolwich Court
      Thinking what would Pilger and Ellsberg do now?
      Waiting to be taken through tunnel to Belmarsh Prison
      Where ghosts of IRA meet
      Ronnie Biggs in special secure unit
      No Wikileaks today about Sapper Jamie Larcombe
      No mention of his Afghan mate
      Both dead in Mirabad



  5. He (Julian Assange) is now in Category A Belmarsh prison where they kept the IRA, its connected by tunnel to a terrorist proof court of Woolwich.

    Ciaron O’Reilly

    “The poor tell us who we are,
    The prophets tell us who we could be,
    So we hide the poor,
    And kill the prophets.”
    Phil Berrigan


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