Refugee Medivac Bill passed

Morrison and his government have proven to be lightweight.

The modest reform (Medivac Bill) which allows doctors to transfer refugees from detention on hellholes like Nauru & Manus Islands to mainland Australia passed through the House of Reps on 12 Feb 2019.

The vote was close, 75-74. Green and independent support was required to pass the bill. The new member for Wentworth, Dr Keryn Phelps, supported the Medivac bill. The Sydney millionaire cast the deciding vote.

Government historic defeat on Medivac Bill

The leader of the opposition Bill Shorten who supported the bill said that refugees will be detained and that a decision to release into the community will remain with the Minister. Labor still supports mandatory detention, an in humane process that makes asylum seekers go mad.

Billed as an historic defeat for a government all at sea here is a video of the conservative arguments put by Bill Shorten in the Federal Parliament at the close of the debate. He argues that people medically evacuated be locked up when they arrive in Australia.

Green and independents congratulate each other after the bill is passed

Meanwhile the Refugee Action Collective argues for ‘the establishment of fast transit processing centres at countries of first arrival including flying UNHCR approved refugees to Australia. This would avoid deaths at sea and prevent the psychological and physical harm Australia had inflicted on innocent people by incarcerating them for years on isolated islands.’ Dr John Minns (RAC) said.

Ian Curr

Meanwhile …

Adverse security assessments by ASIO at the behest of Immigration have been used to frighten the electorate in the past.
Look at their record.

In 2005 the two Mohammads were left on Nauru on the basis that they presented a security threat to Australia. In 2006 Mohammad F. became so unwell that he was transferred to Australia for medical care and subsequently quietly released on a visa. Mohammad S. was sent to Sweden and lives there still.

Neither Man has caused any concern.

Aladdin Sisalem was similarly given an adverse Security assessment and left alone in the detention camp on Manus for 10 months in 2004 before he too was brought to Australia and resettled here.

Then there were the 58 men women and children locked up for years in Villawood and Broadmeadows camps after adverse ASIO security assessments. Subsequently all but 2 have been released after a second look at their process. Not one has caused concern in the community.

 Please remember the record of ASIO and Immigration when the Security threat to the nation is being hung up as a reason to keep sick and dying people away from medical care in Australia. ASIO is a politicised organisation being used by Government to frighten the nation.

— Pamela Curr

Humiliation is a demonstrative exercise of power againstone or more persons, which consistently involves a numberof elements: stripping of status, rejection or exclusion,unpredictability or arbitrariness, and a personal sense ofinjustice matched by the lack of any remedy for theinjustice suffered.(Leask, P. (2013). Losing trust in the world: Humiliation and its consequences.
BMJ  2006;332:855 (8 April), doi:10.1136/bmj.332.7545.855-a


2 thoughts on “Refugee Medivac Bill passed

  1. Refugee Action Collective says:

    The medical transfers bill was a historic defeat for the Scott Morrison government and a win for refugees.

    With a looming May election the government has upped the racist rhetoric and fear-mongering on the issue of seeking asylum in Australia (a basic human right). They have even threatened to reopen the Christmas Island detention centres.

    Further, the bill does not go far enough. Every refugee should have the right to seek asylum, and to access citizenship. Please join us in demanding we treat refugees with the dignity they deserve. Help us counter the government’s racist narrative.

    Snap Rally: Bring All the Refugees Here Now
    5:30-6:30pm at King George Square

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