Book Launch: ‘Adventures with Agitators’ by Paul Richards

Adventures with Agitators is a tribute to the resilience, determination, patience and tolerance of the Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders of Queensland.

In a series of short yarns about their battles in the justice and political systems, this book exposes the cruelty and hypocrisy of the ruling elite of Australia in pursuing policies of segregation and marginalisation.

While Australia pointed the finger at South Africa, it maintained the same policies for our Indigenous peoples.

The book is not a history, a biography or a legal or anthropological text. It is an easy read for those wanting to understand the recent past. The author has had the advantage of being privy to the tragedies and dramas of Indigenous people in this state, as well as their humour and

Punching Pastor Don Brady and Black Panther Dennis Walker King George Square 1971 Source: ‘Adventures with Agitators’

The word “agitator” was applied politically and judicially to any of them who sought justice. In a celebrated High Court case involving Percy Neal, Justice Lionel Murphy opined that, without agitators, “there would be no advance towards civilisation”.

These are stories of the adventures of these brave agitators, to share with people of good heart.
Date: Saturday 23 February 2019
Time: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Venue: Jaggera Centre, Musgrave Park, South Brisbane
RSVP by: 19 Feb 2019
Phone: 0424 537 282 or

Presenters: Paul Richards and significant Indigenous achievers; guest appearances from musicians, including the legendary Chad Morgan, Lance O’Chin and Joe Geia
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Mick Miller and Steve Mam, Adelaide Street Brisbane 29 Sept 1982 during Commonwealth Games Protest march. Source: ‘Adventures with Agitators’

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