Cinema del popolo

Cinema del popolo has a wide range of films including one film noir (Algiers*), Italian realism, French new wave, documentary and much more.

Cinema del popolo is new film theatre emphasizing diversity, different cultures, music and language.

In Bertolucci’s 1900, landowners get squads of fascists to burn down the local Casa del Popolo, during which some elderly socialist militants die, rendered into charcoal.

Finally here is a tribute to the Schonell Theatre at the University of Queensland (currently up for demolition) — Tribute to the Schonell

It is upon this house we hope to rebuild the Cinema del popolo.

Films are listed by title and director (or auteur).

Each film is reviewed and, where possible, a film poster shown.

Click on the film you like in the menu item, Cinema del popolo (above), read the review, sit back and watch the film on your computer, tablet, phone or smart TV.

A rating is given for each film like so.

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