War of two Worlds

Paradigm Shift

Who said all is lost, I come to offer my heart –Fito Páez

12pm Fri 28 Dec 2018: War of two worlds.

War of Two Worlds” is about similarity between indigenous struggles in Chile, West Papua and Australia. This Paradigm Shift was about colonized people (mainly Mapuche & West Papuan) and their resistance, at least that is my aim. I mention in my introduction that I prepared the show because of recent (and ongoing) extra-judicial killings of Mapuche activists in the South of Chile. I make no mention of Palestine but Sam Watson did mention it at the rally for the Mapuche on 1 Dec 2018. Of course where do we begin in a topic as big as colonisation? Vietnam? Algeria? The Great Plains of North America? The list is very long.

Whether my coverage of the response to the killings in Chile & West Papua is…

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