Picket: you can not trust the public trustee

You cannot trust the public trusteeRedcliffe picket on Monday 30 May 2016
Meet at 10am at Yvette D’ath (Attorney General) office at Bluewater Square shopping centre, cnr ANZAC Ave and Sutton St, Redcliffe and then picket the Legal centres conference at the Mon Komo Hotel, Redcliffe.

The Public Trustee is supposed to protect the financial interests of their clients. In the case of a friend, Ross Taylor, Peter Carne failed in his duty-of-care to Ross losing his home and his assets to unscrupulous con-men.
A care organisation admitted they told Ross lies in order to abduct him from his home and place him in a high security facility.
The Public Trustee refused an offer at market value on AHIMSA house in West End from the Aboriginal community allowing Challenger bank to confiscate the property, selling it for half its value.
This left aborignal youth without a much needed community centre.
Ian Curr
29 May 2016


Ross is not an isolated case, others have similar stories of abuse at the hands of the public trustee, public guardian and QCAT working together to take away human rights of ordinary people.

Why is this important?
The Committee to Expose the Public Trustee is a group of family, carers and friends of people who are clients (some prefer the word victims) of the Public Trustee. We were all struggling in our personal circumstances against the Public Trustee who as substituted decision maker has consistently and systematically ignored the needs and will of our loved ones. The Public Trustee has committed them to poverty and isolation and charged very high fees to do it, including charging their clients (victims) for legal fees used by the Public Trustee to oppose the needs and will of their clients. We have all been round and round the roundabout of complaints, requests for reviews and appeals but are powerless in their system and our loved ones have even less power.

In Queensland, people with a disability, or people who someone has alleged has a disability, can be subject to orders from The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to remove their legal capacity to make all personal decisions. The tribunal has no rules of evidence or standards for the burden of proof and accepts the opinion of Public Guardian and Public Trustee officers as fact in their determinations, even when those opinions are disputed by other parties. The Qld Guardianship and Administration Act gives no clear indication of who should have their human rights removed, why they should be removed and to what extent they should be removed – but the tribunal routinely removes the rights of disabled people.

Petition at https://www.communityrun.org/petitions/human-rights-for-clients-of-qld-public-trustee-and-public-guardian?bucket&source=facebook-share-button&time=1452508451

Ian Curr
29 May 2016

Contact: committeetoexposethepublictrustee@outlook.com


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