Socialism 2016

Socialism 2016 will be held at the University of Sydney from Friday 19 until Sunday 21 August.

The conference will commence with an opening night panel on Friday night at 6:30PM and will continue on Saturday and Sunday from 10AM until 6PM. Registration for conference attendees will open each day half an hour prior to the conference commencing.

Tickets for the whole weekend begin at only $20 (concession).

The Socialism Conference is Sydney’s largest gathering of left wing young people, activists, unionists and academics. Whether you’re new to socialist ideas and looking to figure out how to change the world, or a seasoned leftist looking to engage with historical and contemporary debates, the Socialism Conference provides a much needed reprieve from the right-wing consensus of mainstream Australian politics with a weekend of radical ideas, history and discussion. In addition to providing an introduction to socialist ideas, the conference has a range of focuses, including the fight against racism and fascism, radical history, gender & sexuality, economic crisis, Marxist theory, imperialism and the Middle East.

First held in July 2015, the inaugural Socialism Conference surpassed the expectations of its organisers, drawing hundreds of attendees from all around Australia for a two day event. The conference featured panels on racism, union organising, and a packed-out session on the Greek OXI referrendum featuring a now-former member of SYRIZA.

The Socialism Conference is hosted by Socialist Alternative. To find out more about Socialist Alternative, visit

The conference is supported by Red Flag, Australia’s leading left wing newspaper. To find out more about Red Flag or to subscribe, visit

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