The Dirty War in Syria

Publisher’s Note: Thanks to John Jiggens we have an interview in three parts with Tim Anderson who has written a book called The Dirty War in Syria. The first part was broadcast on Brisbane Line (4ZZZ fm 102.1).

Workers BushTelegraph posts all three parts of the interview below.

middle-east-map.jpgPart 1 – John Jiggens asks about Seymour Hirse’s Tim Anderson talks about the independence of Syria and Iran in the Middle East. JJ asks about the demonisation of the Assad regime by Western media.

Part 2 – John Jiggens asks about the role played by countries in the region: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. In this part Tim Anderson describes Saudi as a one family operation with a strong bond to British and US interests.

[Note:  I would describe Saudi Arabia as a caliphate where Wahhabi religious shiekhs have a power sharing arrangement with the Saudi Royal family which holds political power. This has persisted for 300 years in a land that remains very tribal to this day. Petro dollars have been used to inflame the whole region for British and US strategic interests for decades.]

Part 3 – Tim Anderson discusses the role of Russia and the US. He draws attention to the  smaller number of the Russian bases in the region compared with the US.

The failure of the western peace movements to mobilise and to oppose this and the wars leading up to it in Lybia (sic) stands out as both a weakness and a confusion about the region. The US one percent controls the finances, Russian oligarchs exploit the misery of people in Syria for their own strategic interests but people remain silent as a Saudi-like caliphate expands northwards. Why?

Ian Curr
26 Dec 2015


The humanitarian wars

The Twenty-first century has been an era of never-ending warfare, with the US and its allies engaged in a series of interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. Now the cavalcade of destruction has arrived in Syria. This period of warfare has been called by some the Long War and by others, more ironically, the Humanitarian Wars, since each of these wars was sold as a humanitarian intervention.

Like the earlier wars in Iraq and Libya, the coming Syrian War will be portrayed as another humanitarian intervention, waged against a new Hitler, and it will again be fought with smart bombs and the ambiguous and clandestine assistance of a proxy army of Salafist jihadists. But these jihadists are the bad guys who we have been led to believe we will be fighting, aren’t they? Well, expect some volatility on the ‘Bad Guy’ front.

Dr Tim Anderson is a professor in the political economy department at Western Sydney University and he is the author of a new book about the Syrian war called The Dirty War in Syria. I spoke to him about the latest war Australia has signed up to in Syria.

John Jiggens

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