Turnbull Minister makes pilgrimage to Israel

It seems that you can't get into 
power in the US without supporting Israel
Now it is that way here as well
    -- Ian Curr, WBT

Wyatt Roy headed to start-up nation Israel

Tel Aviv is calling for Wyatt Roy, who will return to Israel this week to scour the hi-tech powerhouse for inspiration for the government’s innovation agenda.

The assistant minister for innovation will lead a group of around 50 entrepreneurs, industry representatives and government envoys on a week-long expedition of the start-up nation.

“It’s important is that we learn as much as we can from Israel, they are a global leader in innovation,” he said.

Israel, with its population of about eight million, has exploded over the past decade to become one of the top high-tech powers in the world.

Wyatt Roy – Federal Minister for Innovation
It leads the United States in numbers per capita for investors, venture capital funding and start-up businesses.

“They have the right culture, the right settings to drive innovation,” Mr Roy said.

“We can’t perfectly emulate Israel and nor should we try, but there is a lot we can learn.

He pointed to the country’s embrace of technology and entrepreneur subjects in education and the easy flow of investor capital for start-ups.

Mr Roy, who recently hosted a policy “hackathon” in Sydney that attracted about 300 tech and government participants, has also stressed the need for greater cooperation between the public and private sectors.

In Israel he hopes to gain insights from the Office of the Chief Scientist, the government department that funds dozens of Israeli tech incubators and provides research and commercialisation grants for start-ups.

It’s played a key role in creating a pro-business environment for the country’s intelligence capital and technology.

“I am really looking forward to meeting the chief scientist (Avi Hasson) who is a very successful entrepreneur himself. He’s more like the chief entrepreneur and that meeting will be very useful,” he said.

Mr Roy is also due to meet with his Israeli government counterparts who are driving government policy on innovation, as well as prominent venture capital firms and start-up incubators.

He described those accelerators as “the gold standard”.

“The quality of what they put through, their access to capital, access to market is very impressive,” he said.

Mr Roy will lead the Australian delegation alongside Robogals founder and 2012 Young Australia of the Year Marita Cheng.

Frances Mao
26 Oct 2015


2 thoughts on “Turnbull Minister makes pilgrimage to Israel

  1. Gareth William Smith says:

    Israel tests its weapons, surveillance & crowd control technologies on Palestinians & this “vivisection” helps its sales. Wyatt Roy & Marita Cheng’s Israel visit adds respectability to a vicious, amoral pariah state.

  2. Ray Bergmann says:

    Some of the Israeli innovations of the vibrant ‘start up nation’ that Roy Wyatt should study:
    After ethnically cleansing 700,000 Palestinians in 1948, and demolished their homes and building farms and parks on top in order to be able to say ‘we made the desert bloom!’ and since occupying the West Bank and Gaza in 1967, we have explored diverse and exciting new ways to start wars against our neighbors.

    Indeed, Israel is forever optimistic about its ability to never be held accountable for its crimes under international law!

    Our success is dependent on this financial wizzardry:
    Since 1949, Israel has received about $109 billion in US aid from the US, including $3 billion in 2011, despite being one of the most developed countries on Earth!” – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2012/04/harvard-israel-conference-presents-innovation-to-hide-occupation#sthash.eRHWCUCe.dpuf


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