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A Group to read Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain, translated by John T Woods, in the Everyman Library edition.
In case some people on this list may be interested, I thought I would notify you of the fact that the Michie Reading Group that has been reading some of the classic novels of Western literature over the last decade or more, and has just finished reading Tolstoi’sAnna Karenina, is about to start reading Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain. As in previous cases we will be reading out aloud around the group, with pauses as needed for discussion. You or your friends would be very welcome to join this group by just turning up and introducing yourselves. Because we must depend on an English translation of this German work, and because our method is to read the works out aloud, we will all need to be reading the same translation and in the same edition. This also facilitates discussion as people can more easily refer to passages if we are all reading the same texts with the same pagination.

The edition we are going to use is the Everyman edition, as translated to great acclaim by John T Woods. It can probably be got in by most Brisbane bookshops or via the internet,

The weekly readings will commence on Thursday the 12th of November. They will take place on the second floor of King’s College,Upland Road, within the University of Queensland. The readings are from 1 pm to 3 pm every Thursday. There is parking available at the College. You need to make yourself known to the receptionist at the entrance foyer of the College to be accepted to park within the grounds.

Dan O’Neill

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