Down Under, Dark Side

down under the dark side

Last ditch efforts to kill High Court Case – Nauru
Last night the Nauru Government posted a notice expressing an intention to allow people in the camp to come and go as they wished.

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It is not law yet just an expression of intention.

WHY after 3 years of brutal incarceration, constant surveillance, body scanning and searches every time they pass through the many locked gates have the Australian and Nauru governments had a sudden change of heart?

Just four days out of a High Court Challenge into the constitutional legality of the offshore camps, another desperate attempt to kill the case.

Remember on the last day of the parliament before the winter break 24/06/2015, the sudden rush to pass legislation in an attempt to kill the case.

Late last night the Government called upon the Opposition to support emergency legislation to close a loophole that could see the whole offshore system declared illegal by the High Court.

People in the camp are worried.

Heightened anger in Nauru Community this week following more reports of rape and sexual attacks on refugee women living in the community has seen refugees threatened and in some cases they have been summarily sacked when they arrived at work.

The situation for unaccompanied Somali women is especially bad as they are without protection and are often placed in isolated huts where they can be preyed upon by local men.

While single men may be able to enjoy the small privilege of walking outside the gates, women and children are at risk. With no money or transport this announcement makes little difference to lives in danger on Nauru. Also there is concern of attack “if the Australians or New Zealanders are withdrawn“.

Offshore warehousing of human beings to send messages is morally reprehensible and stays so.

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