One thought on “Is Punk Political?

  1. Hi Ian,

    … I didn’t see the doco but Clinton Walker, who wrote the book didn’t think much of it and Irena from Xiro wasn’t too fussed either.

    It’s always going to be a bit subjective with any of these things. I was at ZZZ from 77 – 79 and worked with Peter Williamson and Dave Darling on all the gigs.

    It was a crazy time and there was so much going on everywhere.

    John Willsteed has a good collection of the history and he was involved with the doco in an advisory capacity, I think. He’s a great chap to give you a perspective on the musical times then, for sure. He played in Xiro and quite a few of the more avant garde groups before he joined the gobs.

    David Darling is still in Brisbane. He was the booker for all the ZZZ venues and has quite a bit of the artwork from the times. Some of the posters and fanzines were marvellous. All handmade of course and the artists really put in big time to make the promotional and editorial material.

    It’d definitely be worth seeing if you could get an interview with Clinton Walker. He’s written some excellent music histories and he wrote “Stranded”. Be very interesting to tap that huge reservoir of knowledge. I might catch up with you at Foco tonight. Happy trails


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