4 thoughts on “A Human Rights Act for Queensland?

  1. The very last thing the LNP fascists want is legislation that impedes their agenda. Whether or not they actually acknowledge legislation (and generally they don’t), its inconceivable that they will (willingly) provide their victims with any ammunition. Its doubtful that the ALP or the deceptively named Greens are any more honorable than the fascists, which brings us to the Human Rights conflab at parliament house next Monday. I note that no response has been received to a suggestion that questions on notice be accepted. Cynical folk like moi are inclined to think the event is all about some talking head deluding the sheeple into thinking someone actually cares about human rights, but basically the organizers are saying they don’t give a rats about public opinion. Only time will tell and I’d be delighted to find the event is fair-dinkum.

  2. Enforceable Human Rights for Queensland? says:

    Thanks John for posting these demands from the Committee to Expose the Public Trustee

    Workers BushTelegraph supports the demands for enforceable human rights for people under the control of the Public Trustee and Public Guardian.

    If the British Labour Party can elect a leader who wishes to have Tony Blair indicted for war crimes surely a Qld Labor government can ensure human rights for people at risk.

    * Committee to Expose the Public Trustee makes the following “list of demands” of the Queensland State Government.

    1/ That the Disability Services Act and Guardianship and Administration Act be amended to include enforceable human rights for people with impaired capacity for personal decisions.

    These enforceable human rights should include those guaranteed by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Australian Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act.

    2/ That Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the Public Trustee and the Office of the Public Guardian be subject to ongoing monitoring and assessment by an authority independent of these agencies for their compliance with human rights obligations

    3/ That the Queensland parliament establish a Commission of Inquiry into the systemic denial of the human rights of people with impaired capacity for personal decisions by the Public Guardian, the Public Trustee and the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal..

    In particular, the Commission of Inquiry should investigate – …

    Readers can find more at https://exposethepublictrustee.wordpress.com

    Ian Curr

  3. Yes Minister says:

    I notice arch-parasite Quentin Bryce is big-noting her worthless self again saying she is going to run a taskforce to look at domestic violence in Queensland. Funnily enough this oxygen-bandit did exactly the same a few months ago and the resultant report is available on a Department of Communities website.While the report might contain a few worthwhile points, its a waste of time, effort and expense if its not actioned. Interestingly enough, nobody at the department admits to knowing anything about the report and no staffer is prepared to talk about it. Why then is it necessary to pay this useless woman another fortune to come up with a copy of her previous report that won’t go anywhere ?? Seems to me we would be infinitely better served by a committee composed of real people who have been in the firing line and with the authority to kick heads where warranted. In particular I mean the kangaroo court, its cohorts the Adult Guardian and Public Trustee, the Department of Child Safety and the blue-uniformed thuggery,

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