Michael, we really have to talk

Desire to push the world in a certain direction,
to alter other people’s idea of the kind of society 
that they should strive after."
                        - George Orwell, 'Why I write'

Bent Banana Books and Leftpress are launching a book about terminal failure of ethics in the public service at Pine Rivers Art Gallery.

A flock of disaffected Director’s General, sacked by the current Labor administration, will be on hand for Q & A. Will someone own up to being the main character? We doubt it.

1967 Civil Liberties Arrest Sheets_Page_2
Original police watchouse arrest list for the 1967 civil liberties march. Click image to see details of Michael Patrick O’Neill at arrest no 30. [From Radical Times Historical Archive]
Michael, we really have to talk … has all the credentials,  the author was arrested in Queensland  on the long march, is working class, from a catholic family, and is swallowed up by the whale … the Queensland Public Service.

Even Jonah could not save him.

1.00pm Saturday September 12, 2015.
The Pine Rivers Art Gallery
Unit 7/199 Gympie Road,

Contact: Katie 0404406475 or mescalinda@hotmail.com
Michael coverfinalThe launch will be between 1 and 3.30pm on Saturday September 12, 2015. Out now at Bent Banana Books !

It is also available in Brisbane City Council Libraries

The gallery is conveniently located next to the Strathpine Community Centre, which is a short walk from the Strathpine train station and the Strathpine Westfield shopping centre. There is also a public bus stop right outside the door on Gympie road.

See contact map for parking information.

One thought on “Michael, we really have to talk

  1. End of year reads ... says:

    The public service: home of the lengthy lunch and the idle underworked and overpaid. Right?

    Wrong. Michael, we really have to talk . . . details a public service more likely to be a place of over-work, overt and covert bullying and denial of obvious dysfunction.

    This book is an honest retelling of life in today’s public service written by a man who spent 50 years there.

    Michael tells harrowing tales of the best-kept secrets with humor as well as popular, artistic and intellectual allusions.

    Michael is as bad as hell as he scatters the toxic undergrowth to reveal a clear path to bureaucratic reform.

    If you work in the public service, defiantly display Michael, we really have to talk . . . on your desk.

    ‘Michael, …’ is available at Bent Banana Books as an ebook or paperback, go to http://bentbananabooks.com/product/michael-we-really-have-to-talk/

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