Canberra: Lest We Forget the Frontier Wars Anzac Day March 2015

Lest We Forget the Frontier Wars
Anzac Day March 2015
assembling from 11 am 25 April 2015
cnr Anzac Parade and Constitution Avenue
Reid, Australian Capital Territory

The Anzac Day Frontier Wars March will be the culmination of a week of storytelling at a Frontier Wars Storytelling Camp at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy starting 20 April.

If you want the recognition of Australia’s Frontier Wars of white settlement to be recognised as memorable by the Australian War Memorial, this will be an opportunity to vote with your feet.

The fifth annual, the March will be led by Michael Anderson, an elder of the Euahlayi people of north-western New South Wales, spokesperson for the Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia and one of the original founders of the Tent Embassy.

The March will follow the traditional Anzac Day March which is organised by the Canberra RSL to the War Memorial. Previous Marches have be prevented from entering the Memorial, turned away by a police line.

Maybe this year the moral force of the frontier wars marchers will be such that there will be no turning them away and Aboriginal elders will enter the memorial forecourt and there with, gum tip smoke billowing, Australians black and white will stand side by side and share ceremony which honours the dead of Frontier Wars too.

Come either bearing a flag or placard or be willing to help out as a flag or placard bearer.

Every massacre named in the course of the preceding Storytelling Camp will be emblazoned on a placard and carried to the War Memorial on Anzac Day.

We will be at the very end of a big march. Expect a lot of standing about and waiting. Bring a hat and water.

Further information
Ghillar Michael Anderson, March Leader, 0427 292 492
Graeme Dunstan, March Promoter,, 0407 951 688
Report of the 2014 Frontier Wars March
Frontier Wars March 2011 Vimeo
Frontier Wars March 2014 YouTube

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