Vigil for Refugee Rights

Wednesday, December 10
at 5:00pm in King George Square

In conjunction with vigils to be held across the country marking UN International Human Rights Day RAC Qld will dedicate a Brisbane vigil in King George Square to the more than 700 children (and their parents) who are currently in detention on mainland Australia, Christmas Island, and Nauru.

There is growing concern within the Australian community about our government’s cruel immigration policies, in particular, the indefinite detention of children. Last week the United Nations High Commission for Refugees stated that Australia’s current treatment of refugee and asylum seeker children is in contravention of international law and breaches the rights of children.

The average length of time spent in detention for children currently in the system is in excess of 400 days. Come along, hold a candle, and add your support to show that Australians do care about the welfare and rights of all people, especially vulnerable children.

Restore Rights, Justice, Dignity, Hope to Asylum Seekers in Australia: This is a grassroots-inspired campaign inviting concerned Australians everywhere to hold a vigil, anywhere, any time, public or private, group or individual, on Wednesday, 10 December 2014 (UN International Human Rights Day), to remember the human rights of asylum seekers in Australia.

This campaign has the theme, “Restore Rights, Justice, Dignity, Hope to Asylum Seekers in Australia”.

It arises out of the outrage and concern felt by many across Australia at the ever-worsening treatment our nation is giving to asylum seekers, the destructive impact our policies are having on our regional neighbours, and our Government’s lack of compassion and commitment in addressing the needs of people facing or fleeing persecution and violent conflict in their homelands.

To learn about other vigils across Australia, see

Resources and ideas will be published on this page for people to use if they wish. Contributions from supporters would be most welcome so we can all freely share. What we would especially like is photos of your vigil or posts about your preparations if you are planning a vigil as an event.

This will give encouragement to others. On Human Rights Day, we hope many of you will post photos of the vigil and descriptions of what you did, so there is a stream of stories showing how this focus has been picked up across Australia. If you support this campaign, it would help generate momentum and support if you could do the following:
* LIKE this page; * Show that you intend to ATTEND the event; * INVITE your friends to do the same; * CREATE your own vigil event on Facebook to promote what you are doing on that day, and link it to this page; * Use email, Twitter and other platforms to SHARE this idea with your networks; * ADOPT the graphic provided on this page as your Facebook and Twitter ‘icon’ for the next four weeks to show your support for the campaign; * PRINT the PDF A4 poster or other artwork on this page and hand out at your church, school, and social and community groups.

And we would urge you to PRINT OUT, SIGN and POST the “Restore Their Rights” postcard which is on this page.

The NAME part of the address field is blank so you can insert the name of your ‘preferred politician’ – your local Member, state Senators, Government ministers, Opposition figures. All are addressed care of Parliament House, Canberra. You will need to supply your own STAMP.

Thank-you for reading this and for your interest and, we hope, your support. Your comments and ideas are welcome. We want to set this idea free, offer some resources, and allow you to respond as they wish – and, hopefully, let us know what you do so we can share the story.

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