Changes to BrisCAN website

Now that G20 has gone, we will be making changes to the briscan website to make it more generic and in line with Briscan’s ongoing work and role.

What has been done so far:

1. The People’s Convergence menu now contains all the previous G20 specific pages such as Peoples’ Summit, Peoples’ Summit Program etc. Go to and click hover the mouse over the Peoples’ Convergence menu to see the drop down list of pages.

2. The Get Involved page has been changed.

3. The Call Out for donations and assistance has been changed:

4. The is now a multimedia page with various multimedia from the summit and march (to be added to so keep checking back)

5. We are now adding generic (n on G20 related) events to the community calendar. Please submit your events to events

Ordinary citizens organising for social justice in response to the G20. Brisbane, Australia.

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