Visioning another World: G20 People’s Summit

g20 peoples march a4
g20 peoples march a4

Visioning Another World: The G20 Peoples Summit is a three-day festival of symposiums, idea sharing, art, creative activities, education and action. It will take place in various locations in Brisbane from November 12-14,and before the G20 Leaders Summit.

This event brings together local and international thinkers to collaborate on broad themes: The Economy: Growth vs Sustainability, Environment, Climate & Earth Rights, Dispossession, Decolonisation, Politics, Democracies, Social Justice: Human, Labour, Gender Rights and De-militarisation & Peace.

Speakers at Summit events include:

• Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation
• Sam Castro (Friends of the Earth)
• Winnie Byanyima (OXFAM)
• Lez Malezer, National Congress of Australia’s First People > • Pat Renald (AFTINET)
• Senator Larissa Waters
• Lex Wotton (Palm Island Community)

The Peoples Summit will provide a safe, inclusive, family-friendly space to discuss the issues that really matter to ordinary people.

The Peoples Summit will be followed by two days of creative action, education and solidarity while the G20 Leaders Summit will take place. This will include the Peoples Rally and March on November 15.

While demonstrations will be taking place throughout the G20 Summit week, we are calling the community to rally together on the first day of the Leaders Summit to what will be a colourful celebration of diversity and unity in action to assert global social and ecological justice!

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  1. BrisCan20 says:

    The G20 Peoples’ Summit gets underway on Wednesday November 12 with a full program comprising 20 events at five locations around Brisbane.

    As part of the Visioning Another World: The G20 Peoples’ Summit, a three-day festival of symposiums, idea sharing, art, creative activities, education and action, day 1 will include discussion panels and workshops on topics pertaining to austerity, food security, democracy the environment and feminism.

    The G20 Peoples’ Summit will begin with a discussion at the Colossus Reception Hall led by John Quiggin on the topic of austerity, the G20 and growth.

    John Quiggin is a professor of economics at the University of Queensland, author of many books and a proficient blogger. For many years he wrote a column for the Australian Financial Review and currently writes for Jacobin magazine.

    In the early afternoon Stephen Keim and Chris Butler will be speaking at the Uniting Church in Vulture Street, West End on the attacks on civil liberties and democracy; spatial politics and the rights to the city.

    Stephen Keim is a barrister notable for his strongly principled, though and controversial actions in various court cases. Keim is a recipient of the Human Rights Medal, awarded to him by the Australian Human Rights Commission in 2009.

    Chris Butler researches in the areas of law and social theory, urban governance and critical approaches to state power. His book Henri Lefebvre: Spatial Politics, Everyday Life and the Right to the City has been recently published by Routledge.

    Later in the afternoon Samantha Castro will lead a discussion on feminism and patriarchy. Samantha Castro is the co-founder of Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance (WACA), the oldest support campaign for Julian Assange and Wikileaks in Australia. She holds a BA in Media and a Masters in Professional Communication. Her speciality is in Global Media and the War On Terror.

    For full details of all the 20 events, speakers and venue visit

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