G20 Trojan Horse – stay loose, stay free!

Not banned but chased after: Got a call from Channel 7 yesterday asking if I knew someone (let’s call the person, Robin) who had been to the year 2000 S11 protests in Melbourne. Somehow, they didn’t say how, Ch 7 had tracked Robin down because they claimed this was the only Brisbane person who had been arrested and processed through the courts at S11 (big assumption by Ch 7  that Robin was the only one).

Channel 7 was desperate to talk with Robin (go figure?!).

Before I could ask why, the journo said “Well, for obvious reasons!” I don’t think so Ch 7.

Stay loose, stay free, Robin, wherever you are.

Meanwhile Clive Palmer says G20 is a good place for rational discussion, oh yeah. The 1% need the G20 frenzy, it seems. I hope the refugee advocates don’t get sucked in by Palmer, he is a liar and exploiter. Stay solid, people – keep a clean nose and watch out for plain clothes.

— Ian Curr, 4 Nov 2014

G20 security: Soldiers man checkpoints in inner-Brisbane ahead of summit

Soldiers and police will stop and search vehicles going into G20 restricted zones in inner-Brisbane from today.

Checkpoints have been set up at Milton and Spring Hill to search for explosives and weapons, manned by military personnel who have served in war zones.

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