The G20 Peoples Summit Hashtag is #PeoplesSummit

The hashtag for the Peoples Summit is #PeoplesSummit
> Case is not important in twitter hashtags, so if you type it all lowercase it will still work, but the capitalisation serves to make the two words stand out from each other better. >
> Us the hashtag when tweeting as a way of identifying your tweet as being relevant to the Peoples Summit. That way if people are commenting on the Peoples Summit on twitter, we will be able to easily find their tweets, also we will be able to easily share tweets with out followers who might be searching for information on the Peoples Summit. >
> Thank you
> Ordinary citizens organising for social justice in response to the G20. Brisbane, Australia. >
> List members are private, only list members can view posts or archives. Mind you, this may not stop them.

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