BrisCANG20: upcoming Gig & events info

BrisCAN G20 community action network – upcoming events and exciting meetings

1) Gig: Band Together- Oct 1

2) G20 People’s Summit: Idea Jam – Sept 20
3) Brisbane Community Action Network (BrisCAN) G20 Meeting – Sept 28

G20 Peoples Summit Fundraising gig
Rivermouth, These Dirty Bones, Hannaka, plus spoken word

What: ‘Band Together’ – fundraiser for the BrisCAN Peoples’ Summit**
Who: Rivermouth, These Dirty Bones, Hannaka, plus spoken word
When: Wednesday October 1st, doors from 7 pm
Where: The Bearded Lady, 138 Boundary St, West End
Cost: Suggested donation of $5-10 entry

**Fundraiser for: “Visioning another World”: The G20 Peoples’ Summit will be a three-day festival of symposiums, idea-sharing, art, creative activities, education and action bringing together local and international thinkers on economics, environment, climate change, social justice, colonisation, rights, politics and peace.
You are invited to get involved: Make something happen, propose and run a panel of speakers or a workshop, invite a guest speaker, create an event or performance!

The Peoples’ Summit will provide a safe, inclusive, family-friendly space to discuss the issues that really matter to us. Join us in creative collaboration, local community responses and global community action!
email: summit

Exciting meetings:
2) G20 Peoples’ Summit: Idea Jam Sat Sept 20
The Edge – Window bay 6
Next to State Library of QLD

Less than two months to go till G20 in Brisbane…

You’ve probably heard that the G20 is on in Bris in November this year. To keep stuff interesting, critical and creative we are putting on a conference of our own over the three days before hand. We’re hoping speakers, panels and conversations on a whole range of topics, along with music, art, theatre and more quality anti-capitalist community fun times than you can point a oppressive economic system at.

The Peoples’ Summit working group meets fortnightly at the Edge to share ideas and keep up to date with our tasks and preparation for this exciting event! Join us!

For more information: 0411118737

3) Next BrisbaneCommunity Action Network (BrisCAN) G20 Meeting

Date: Sunday September 28
Time: 9:30 for cuppa – 10:00am -12pm (space available longer if required)
Place: Justice Place: 5 Abingdon St. Wooloongabba

If possible – please bring some food or drink to share
All welcome – child friendly space! Please let us know if you are bringing kids so we can be ready!

The G20 meetings in Brisbane are just 2 months away!

Time to get active. Join the Brisbane Community Action Network in creative responses and alternatives to the G20 and the system it represents.

Here is some of what is in the pipeline:

Peoples Convergence: A week of symposiums, workshops, idea sharing, marches, film screenings, and other creative events, November 8 -16 in Brisbane.

Visioning Another World: The G20 Peoples Summit will be a three-day festival of symposiums, idea-sharing, art, creative activities, education and action. It will take place in various location in Brisbane November 12-14, before the G20 Leaders Summit.

This will be followed by two days of creative action, education and solidarity while the G20 Leaders Summit is taking place, including the Peoples Rally and March on November 15.

The First Nation’s Decolonisation Before Profit program of events will run through the week Nov 8 – Nov 16 and will include a Global First Nations Conference – November 15-16 and an Eco-Village forum space.

The decisions made by the G20 affect us all. They are the reason we have to campaign to save forests, stop coal and CSG mining, protect the reef, oppose GMOs and food irradiation, oppose war games and militarism, fight for workers’ rights, demand equality, address colonisation, etc etc.

We invite all community groups and individuals to join us over the next 6 months in responding to the G20 through collaborative education, media production, action planning, alternative forum development and more!

Join us!

Another world is possible. What it looks like is up to us!

For more info:
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Brisbane Community Action Network (BrisCAN)-G20
Community Outreach Working Group
M: 0411 118 737
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Ordinary citizens organising for social justice in response to the G20. Brisbane, Australia.

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