‘Nazi’ cop works in Townsville City Watchouse

[Editor’s Note: Down through the years the Townsville City Watchouse has been the place of unnecessary strip searching, police violence, racist abuse, verballing, detention of political prisoners (e.g. Lex Wotton) and aboriginal deaths in custody. It seems that in the age of the internet it has reached a new low, a officer working there has engaged in racist villification on facebook – condoned, it seems, by senior police officers and the police minister. See here a story from Islamophobia Watch.
Ian Curr, July 2014.]

A Queensland policewoman who launched a racist internet – attack against an Aboriginal – activist under a fake Facebook profile, where she also called for the banning of Muslims in western society, has escaped disciplinary action after undergoing “cultural training”.

The cop, using the pseudonym “Sharia Anne”, was confirmed by an internal police investigation as being behind – internet posts and emails in which she calls Aborigines “oxygen thieves” with a “disgusting aversion to work”.

Despite calls for her sacking, the Senior Constable is helping run the overnight shift at the Townsville watchhouse, where a high -proportion of prisoners are Aboriginal.

West Australian activist, Joyce Capewell, whose son and brothers served in the police, was the target of the attack from the Constable in January on her Facebook page Boomerang Justice.

Lawyers for Ms Capewell are preparing a legal action alleging racial vilification …


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