Let’s talk G20: Community Listening Posts in West End

The G20 is coming to our community. What does that mean to you?
A listening post is a space for community conversations – a platform for engagement with ideas. There are no right or wrong answers – just a willingness to share and to discuss issues of import – or that impact our community – face to face – in public.
Let’s talk about the G20 coming to Brisbane.
You are invited to join us for a chat, fill out a simple survey, write or draw your thoughts, make a sign and take a picture, make a recording or video statement.
With your agreement, these will be later shared with others (including decision makers) via display- physical installation/internet so that community voices can be heard.
Have your say:

Every Friday in August
Date: Friday August 1,8, 15, 22,29, 2014
Time: 11am-1pm

Place: Outside “West End Markets” in front of Commonwealth Bank
Corner of Mollison & Boundary& Melbourne Streets, West End

For more information:
Brisbane Community Action Network (BrisCAN)-G20
Community Outreach Working Group
M: 0411 118 737
E: info
W: www.briscan.net.au

29 July 2014

Ordinary citizens organising for social justice in response to the G20. Brisbane, Australia.

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