Reading Iris Murdoch novel

This is to announce the next novel to be read by the group that has just finished reading Alessandro Manzoni’s The Betrothed. We are going to read a novel by Iris Murdoch. This is her novel, first published in 1983 by Chatto and Windus and then in a Penguin paperback in 1984, which is called The Philosopher’s Pupil. It is probably easier to get it at present in the more recent Vintage paperback edition which has an introduction by Malcolm Bradbury.

We will be beginning the reading of this work at 1 pm on Thursday the 7th of November at King’s College within the University of Queensland. The reading goes from 1 pm to 3 pm, with afternoon tea in the college refectory afterward. The method used is to read aloud around the group with pauses for discussion at appropriate points. There will be handouts of background and critical material that may assist in understanding some of the issues raised.

The college is located in Upland Rd St Lucia, and parking is available within the college grounds if arranged at the reception desk just inside the foyer of the college.

All are welcome to join this group.

If you have difficultyfinding the novel you could search such sites as Abebooks online:



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