Live Babies for Export to Nauru

Four Families, all with new born babies were woken and taken at 5am to Christmas Island yesterday. They have been told that they will then be transferred to Nauru .

The Minister’s new rule to deal with babies born in Australia is that all babies born of mothers who arrived post July2013, are to be sent at 6 weeks of age to Nauru.
These babies were born in Darwin under rules from the previous minister- new minister, new rules.
Long standing policy on Christmas island is that ALL pregnant women are transferred off island to the mainland at 32 weeks gestation.

Live babies are to be transferred to Nauru at six weeks of age, unborn babies to be sent to be born on Nauru.

These photos are of two of the babes sent yesterday.
Darwin to Christmas island is 2750 kilometres then Christmas island to Nauru is 4264 kilometeres- a total of over 7000 kilometres for the Australian government to get rid of these babies.

These little ones may struggle to survive in tents in 50 degree heat.
Babies and children under 5 years in Nauru are more likely to die than babies and children in Australia- UNICEF REPORT into Child mortality 2012
There are 40 deaths per one thousand babies born in Nauru to 2 deaths per thousand in Australia.
Pamela Curr

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