Outrageous lie

This article is likely a response by Morrisons 95 Spin Doctors to blame advocates for the rise in distress in detention.
The facts do get in the way of the lie. It is advocates supporting people in detention who try to hold them together and give them hope. The problem on CI , Nauru and Manus is that contact is limited by government control of communication and lack of freedom. No mobile phones allowed. Limited access to phones etc


My comment
How are advocates encouraging self harm when they cannot make contact inside detention centres in places like Christmas Island. You do not know facts. No phone calls in. Contact by email and Facebook only when a detainee contacts an advocate. Access to computers limited . They have to find someone who has an email Facebook address.
The mothers are harming themselves in desperation because of they have no hope and are constantly threatened with being sent to Nauru. Their friends already on Nauru tell them how bad it is. The children on Nauru are being hit by local staff- their parents cannot protect them. There is sickness, water shortage, no outside school- appalling conditions. Good reason for despair.
Advocates encourage people to hold on to hope, look after their spirit and not to let the bastards grind them down. This article is nonsense. I am in contact with people in detention all over Australia – this article is an outrageous lie
Pamela Curr Refugee Rights Advocate
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
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