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Among the many unspeakable things that are being done with US munitions and money in the world at this moment, there is the ongoing bombardment of Gaza. Once again, Israel’s armed forces are very actively trying to destroy the few buildings left intact from the last time they bombed it.

There will be more protests all over the world against Israel’s ongoing atrocities. I’ll be singing at one in downtown Portland, Oregon on Saturday (11 am, Pioneer Courthouse Square).

If you’re having arguments with family, friends or coworkers on this sometimes confusing and controversial subject, why not play them a song? It’ll work better. You can download my entire set of Palestine-related songs here.

If you have the right cable, you can stream the songs on your phone (Soundcloud is very mobile-friendly), plug it into the sound system at your nearest protest, and play them as people are gathering. You can send that link to people with radio shows and suggest they play one. And of course you can share them on social media or whatever else you want with them. (There is no choking hazard. They’re only virtual.)


P.S. One Palestine-related song that hasn’t yet made it into aforementioned set is “Bubbling Up,” which you can download or stream for free along with the rest of my latest album on Bandcamp.

P.S. I’ll be debuting a new song, “Gentrification Town,” on my internet radio show on Sunday at 11 am Pacific Time. (Other than the new song, the show on Sunday will be a “guided tour” of my latest album.)

P.P.S. Fall tour of the US and Canada continues to come together well, with more confirmed gigs since I last wrote, but there’s plenty of room for more.

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