G20 People’s Summit: BBQ & Idea Jam

Resistance is fertile! Join us in Orleigh Park for BBQ, idea sharing and planning to grow our G20 Peoples Summit!

OMG20: G20 People’s Summit: BBQ & Idea Jam – v 2.0

Date: Sunday, June 15
Time: 2:30pm
Place: Orleigh Park – near the West End CityCat terminal

You’ve probably heard that the G20 is on in Bris in November this year. To keep stuff interesting, critical and creative we are putting on a conference of our own over the three days before hand. We’re hoping speakers, panels and conversations on a whole range of topics, along with music, art, theatre and more quality anti-capitalist community funtimes than you can point a oppressive economic system at.

We had a great and productive meeting last week – So we’re having another BBQ to keep the conversation going.

If you’ve been invited it’s because we thought you might be interested – obviously no pressure to come along! If you know other people who might be keen, please invite them too.

We’ll be in the West End City Cat terminal end of Orleigh park. There’ll be a sign. Bring food/ beers if you want to. We’ll keep a bit of the BBQ meat free for the vegos.

If it looks rainy we will move to a secret location (secret because it doesn’t exist yet) – we will keep you updated here.

More info:

Robin -0411 118 737

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