Brisbane organising meeting in response to Fed budget – 10 June


The budget has given rise to widespread anger in the community. A Brisbane rally is now being planned for July 6 in response to attacks upon higher education, health care, and welfare including indigenous welfare and so on.

A lot of work needs to be done organising for the rally, and making the event one that is colourful and broadly supported.

The next organising meeting will discuss the rally as a step towards the building of a multifaceted inclusive campaign.

The organising committee is unaffiliated, open and encourages participation. Each person can play a part in helping to build the momentum against the introduction of austerity in Australia.

The Cloudland Collective has actively supported the local response to the budget including the formation of the Bust the Budget organising committee.

Organising meeting details:

7pm Tuesday 10 June

Level 2, 16 Peel St, Sth Brisbane

All welcome. For more details about the meeting, or to be kept informed about campaign, email stop_austerity.

Kind regards

Greg Brown

Mob: 0409 877 528

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