murdoch mob and then truth

The Murdoch Media is in overdrive to excuse the inexcusable. Even the lily livered report by the Governments own man Robert Cornall was unable to hide the brutality of the Manus attacks on men in the Detention camp.

As a consequence the Murdoch mob are lashing out blaming asylum seekers for being attacked etc etc.

Senator Sarah Hanson Young and the Greens get a ritual character assassination and burning at the stake of lies.

Meranda Un Devine is at it again spreading her own unique brand of hate and division.

So that you do not have to a waste money buying this hate mongering rag, the articles are below.

However before you wade into the depressing filth, you may wish to watch this video of actual events in order to make up your own minds.

Please write the Murdoch mob so that they know that not everyone believes their rubbish

the wacky world of the Greens, only the Coalition are racists, never the detainees

The real story is Clive and his puppets

Berati’s death must not be used to put others at risk

Greens hypocrisy over the riots on Manus Island

Blood on the hands of couldn’t care left

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