Cloudland collective request for help at civil liberties meeting

Hello everyone

The Cloudland Collective is seeking help handing out leaflets and petitioning at the civil liberties meeting this Monday night (24 March) 7pm, Ithaca Auditorium, Brisbane City Hall.

There will be a fantastic line-up. Speakers include: Terry O’Gorman (Qld Council of Civil Liberties); Michelle James (Australian Lawyers Alliance); Bob Carnegie (community and working class activist); Sam Watson (Aboriginal leader) and John Battams (President, Qld Council of Unions).

We have a leaflet to help build a rally hosted by Together Queensland in support of the doctors’ opposition to unfair individual contracts.

Under the contracts doctors may be summarily dismissed for “disobeying a reasonable instruction from the service” or “putting at risk the profitability of the service” – potentially placing financial concerns ahead of patient welfare.

We have a leaflet to encouraging people to organise for the G20 this November, and our petition about the bikie laws.

All help is welcome help. Just turn up or phone if you can assist.

In unity

Greg Brown

for The Cloudland Collective

Mob: 0409 877 528

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