No hope for New Acland: landholders

LANDOWNERS on the Darling Downs say they have been ignored and let down by the state government over a potential mine expansion.

Oakey beef producer and veterinarian Dr Nicki Laws said the government had reneged on an election promise to not allow New Hope to expand its New Acland mine.

“This project is so bad it is a litmus test for the democratic process and fair government process,” she said.

Last week submissions closed to the EIS, which revealed up to 8.9GL – or nine billion litres – of water would be used each year for the next 15 years.

“We are utterly appalled that the same week the submission closed is the same week 80 per cent of the state is drought declared and people are shooting their cattle,” Dr Laws said.

“They can’t even water their stock yet this company might get an obscene amount of water to wash coal and dampen its roads.” See Qld Country LifeNo hope for New Acland: landholders

Pam, Niki and Trevor
Pam, Niki and Trevor stand in front of an old tree on Wakka Wakka country

CSG sits on its hands

CSG sits on its hands

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  1. 'Regional Planning Interest Bill' says:

    Here are some comments on the Qld Governments proposed Regional Planning Interest Bill. Click to enlarge image.CSG sits on its hands

    In PDF form -> CSG sits on its hands

  2. Local farmers condemn acland mine decision says:

    Local farmer Dr Tanya Plant said she had previously raised concerns about the impact on agricultural land and was disappointed with the approval.

    “I’m pretty puzzled and very disappointed in how it looks,” she said.

    “It really does seem like they haven’t taken too much notice of our concerns.

    “They’re still allowing the mine to cause a lot of noise impacts on people, it still seems like the mine’s going to use an enormous amount of water.

    “The coal mine employment benefits are very short-term compared to what would otherwise be a sustainable agricultural community forever, potentially.

    “The EIS (environmental impact statement) even identifies quite a number who are going to quite probably have their underground water supplies badly impacted.”

    Nikki Laws from the Oakey Coal Action Alliance said they would approach the Commonwealth with their concerns.

    “We’ll make contact again – there’s some really concerning issues that fall under the Federal EPBC Act (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999), and the other important thing that’s under federal oversight is water,” she said.

    “Unfortunately the water impacts are quite appalling and we think, completely unsustainable.”

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