Santos Action: New Articles to Share, Update for Sunday

The press keeps coming. This article just out in the Daily Telegraph is the best yet. The Crikey one is worth reading and sharing around too. The Australian copied the Courier Mail article and there will be something different in mX this afternoon also. The Brisbane Times (and SMH) article has been the third most popular today and I’m sure both Santos and GoMA are getting sick of media calls. I’d appreciate it if folk could comment, or reply to comments on these articles.

It is still uncertain whether we will target the artwork on Sunday. We have some good ideas and the media is obviously keen. But the increased police presence may make it smarter to make them wait and do it another time. However, we will be there handing out flyers (attached) and asking questions in tours. We need more people so please let us know if you can spare a couple hours in Brisbane on Sunday.

Stay tuned…

Kind Regards
Ben Pennings
Campaign Coordinator
Over Our Dead Bodies

Generation Alpha

Santos Goma Flyer.pdf

One thought on “Santos Action: New Articles to Share, Update for Sunday

  1. What does protest achieve? says:

    Is it really Santos that is funding Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), or is it the tax deduction the company receives for the gift? … so is it taxpayer funded?

    Also Santos is not interested in art (why are they destroying first nations art by mining the Piliga?) it gifts money to GOMA for the advertising … and perhaps the protest action you describe draws attention to Santos, thus giving the company even more advertising via media interest. … a perverse result?

    Ben, compare your action with the boycott by artists against Transfield:

    The Sydney Biennale last week rejected its “founding partner” sponsorship from Transfield Holdings (believed to be worth $600,000 annually) after nine artists boycotted the event on the grounds that the company has a minority shareholding in Transfield Services, which has contracts to operate the Manus Island and Nauru detention centres


    Can someone tell me what such protest action achieves … does it decrease mining of coal, does it improve the lot of refugees? If so, how? Especially given recent polls saying 70% of Australians want harsher treatment of Asylum Seekers.

    13 Mar 2014

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