Silent No More!

Police, DOCSs, QCAT, Housing Collude!
There is open collusion between Queensland government agencies against the poor.

For a long time, Police, Department of Community Services, QCAT (Justice Department) and Department of Housing & Public Works have swapped private information about their clients.

The information is not validated or scrutinised – it is based on malicious rumour. The information gathered is often highly personal in nature. Department of Housing are ‘mapping’ peoples social situation, their relationships and their private conversations.

And this information is used to take away public housing and children.

Now housing wants to kick aboriginal people out of their houses – motivated by discrimination and race.

The civil rights movement in the united states fought against this kind of discrimination.

When Obama comes to the G20 in November, we should ask him how he feels, a product of the civil rights movement, coming to a state where blackfellas are tipped out of their houses because of the colour of their skin.

We can’t let them do this! Silent No More!

DOCS colludes with Housing

The number of aboriginal children taken since the Stolen Generations Inquiry in 1997 has tripled.

This is a complex issue but DOCS does not understand or communicate in a ‘cultural way’ with Aboriginal parents, Aunties, Uncles or Grandparents.

‘Grandmothers Against Removals’ was formed in Gunnedah in January 2014 in an effort to stop removal of children by DOCS.

The Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy is setting up its own Grannies Group to prevent DOCS starting another stolen generation.

Ian Curr
Feb 2014

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  1. 'Sheila speaks out' says:


  2. Rally for Sheila Oakley Feb 22 says:

    Taken at Woodridge .

    Sheila Oakley was tasered in the eye by the police in her own home on Feb 6. She will likely be blind in that eye. Last week the community handed over a letter of petition to the police demanding the release of identity of the police officer who tasered Ms Oakley, the suspension of that officer, for an urgent investigation to be set in motion and that he should be charged for assault causing grievous bodily harm. There was also a demand for police to stop wearing tasers. This week, community gathered to hear the police’s response. The response was that the letter has been received. No response to the content of that letter was offered – apparently it is forthcoming. The community vowed to continue to protest till the demands are responded to – and until justice is served.

    Just a few pics from the march. To me, it seemed that the Dancing shooed/ ushered the police back in to the station.

    Sorry about the blurs in some of the photos – borrowed an ipad mini – not used to handling it.

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