Cloudland Collective:- help needed

Hello all Tuesday’s rally and march in defence of civil liberties was a tremendous success. However the LNP’s authoritarian march continues with legislation enacted this week providing for punishment of organisers of “facebook parties” and protecting police from civil liability. Things will only change if there is more people involved in the active defence of … Continue reading Cloudland Collective:- help needed

Survival instinct – misuse of a taser

incredible! and appalling! the survival instinct. again an example of misuse of a taser because common sense clearly shows that it was not necessary by any normal standard to employ the taser for compliance purposes. i did say 'normal' however, police training and tactics is specifically aimed at protection of police at all costs, regardless … Continue reading Survival instinct – misuse of a taser

Griffith by-election 2014

An exuberant Rudd puts down a cracker at the Coorparoo Bowls club This by-election was made necessary by the resignation of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd from the federal parliament and his seat of Griffith. When I first moved to Griffith in 1996 it was still a safe labor seat with working class suburbs of … Continue reading Griffith by-election 2014

Vulture Capitalism

I've just returned from Haiti and America where I've been filming my vulture capitalism documentary with New York film-maker Thor Neureiter (Papua New Guinea was visited late last year and Afghanistan is next on the list). Haiti is a challenging place and more than four years after the devastating earthquake the nation remains mired in … Continue reading Vulture Capitalism