Call for help as cyclone hits Tonga

Map – Tonga in the South Pacific marked with red pin

Be it climate change or not, this unseasonal cyclone has caused widespread destruction to the South Pacific archipelago of Tonga. The people are resilient and will re-build after the destruction caused by the storm. Like indigenous people everywhere they are connected to their country and will not move away.

Relatives and friends in Brisbane are organising a shipping container to send material aid. They have obtained a waiver of freight charges on the ship that carries the cargo.

If you can, now is the chance to do a spring clean of your house and get together clothes and domestic items like kitchen utensils, sheets for bedding, that kind of thing.

Please take them to 17 Boles Street Stafford on Brisbane’s northside and the material will be taken to the shipping container.
Contact: Tony 0488 2308 33 Karen 0455 7286 17

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