Bringing back Dundalli – Aboriginal Warrior

They are still around though their culture changed
No battle scars or initiation marks on their black chest
New battle fields to enter and fights to conquer
Still Aboriginal warriors are amongst the best.

Pen and paper are now the weapons used in modern war
Brushes and paint took the place of nullar nullar and spear
Fight with white man’s weapons for their people’s rights
The Aboriginal warriors now modern are still here.

Sister warriors have joined in their people’s fight
Education, housing, legal, employment, health and land
These modern warriors now attack with patience and vigour
Just like the old people of the long ago warrior band.

Men and women, Bonner, Perkins, Miller, Davies, Namatjira
O’Shane, O’Donohue, McPherson, Kath, warriors by need
Through the streets in every town symbol black yellow red
With white supporters, protest marches, their symbol flying in
the lead.

Yes, our warriors whose culture, language and land went
Through civilisation’s 200 years of ever changing tracks
Now these modern warriors with pen, paper, paint and brush
Are still fighting for the rights of Australian blacks.

– by CEC FISHER on the 20th anniversary
of the tent embassy, Invasion Day, 1992.

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