Unions without a Cosa?

On this week’s show Aaron Bastani and James Butler from Novara and Resonance fm discuss the ’3Cosas’ campaign and forthcoming strikes throughout UK higher education. Can the larger incumbent unions adapt and remain relevant?

This program was sent around by Dave Eden who spoke the 17 group this week.

“The End of the ‘High Wage, High Work, High Consumption’ Deal”. The speaker will be Dave Eden, author of the book Autonomy: Capital, Class & Politics.

Dave’s summary:

How can we understand the nature of the dynamics driving Australian society, and how can we assess the possibilities and opportunities for emancipatory politics? The typical explanations to be found of the Left focus on bad people and bad ideas often under the rubric of ‘neoliberalism’. Here I wish to look at the material dynamics of capital accumulation in Australia, address their limitations and barriers and draw out contradictions and struggles.

I’ll be arguing that the long mining boom allowed a very unique situation to develop in Australia where capital was able to offer a ‘high wage, high work, high consumption’ deal to labour. This deal has been key to winning the consent the vast majority of Australians to capital’s course. But in the context of the global financial crisis this mining boom is over and the possibility of continuing this deal is becoming increasingly shaky. What then may the future hold?

This presentation will draw on my research available at withsobersenses.wordpress.com

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