Indonesian police launch massive crackdown on peaceful KNPB activists

November 26, 2013

1184773_667090423303102_2143536304_nIndonesian police have today arrested a total of 41 KNPB activists in Timika, Jayapura and Sorong ahead of planned mass actions across West Papua this weekend for West Papua independence day. Crackdowns are continuing at this very moment against peaceful activists.

There is no freedom of speech, no freedom of movement, no freedom at all in occupied West Papua.

Names of those arrested listed below:

SORONG arrests:
1. Mathinus Yohame (Region Chairman of KNPB).
2. Kantius Heselo ( Vice)
3. Natalis Surabut

TIMIKA arrests:
1. Steven Itlay
2. Abihud Degey
3. Billy Hagawal
4. Dony Mote
5. Petrus Bobii
6. Bony Bora
7. Yulianus Edoway
8. Paulus Doo
9. Martinus Pekey
10. Paulina Pakage
11. Agustin Pekey
12. Sony Ukago
13. Daniel Kotouki
14. Seprianus Edoway
15. Argenes Pigay
16. Menase Dimi
17. Timotius Kossay
18. Welius Kogoya
19. Demianus Kogoya
20. Kasianus Kamke
21. Aduart Suruan
22. Melianus Gobay
23. Pais Nasia
24. Makson Kotouki
25. Maria Piligain
26. Markus Entama
27. Yustinus Pigome
28. Sior Heselo
29. Semuel Edoway
30. Agus Itlay
31. Yakonias Womsiwor

JAYAPURA arrests:
1. Ones Suhun
2. Ogram Wanimbo
3. Assa Asso
4. Sam Lokobal
5. Meminda Sol
6. Konoru Wenda
7. Bonsa Mirin

Lawan! Lawan! Lawan! Rebel! Rebel! Rebel!


2 thoughts on “Indonesian police launch massive crackdown on peaceful KNPB activists

  1. 'Rally King George Square' says:

    Rally King George Square – 3-6pm
    1 December 2013
    West Papuan Independence Day


  2. Tale of a flag says:

    by Sri Lestari Wahyuningroem
    1 December 2013
    This is a tale about a flag named Bintang Kejora, or Morning Star.

    As with other flags ever created, it symbolises identity and conveys particular messages the creator would like other people who see it to understand.

    Morning Star flag being raised by Yali tribesman (supplied)


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