Justice for the bowraville children


find attached the leaflet for the rally/march to be held this coming thursday 21/11 beginning at 10am at hyde park north, near the hyde park fountain. speakers will address the rally and when thought suitable then a march shall occur to take us outside of parliament house.

the families will be calling for a legal justice to be done by our first law officer of the state of nsw, our nsw attorney-general, greg smith, to properly rescind his previous advice to the three families, viz, that the loss of their child back in 1990 could no longer be legally dealt with, that they should seek grief counselling and accept what had happened to their child, that it was time to move on.

such advice, whilst being callous to the extreme, can also easily be construed as blatant racism towards three aboriginal families because the known perpetrator of these three crimes is white. in his advice to the bowraville 3 families arising from their previous requests, greg smith, failed to clearly explain to the families why this man could not be retried a third time. over the years the families and their supporters changed the nsw double-jeopardy laws that prevented a person of interest to be tried in court a second time.

so why not a third time, greg? police, legal representatives, and others have not only believed but publically stated that there were considerable legal problems during the previous two investigations and trials. there were major difficulties during the two previous trials that would not occur in a properly and legally managed third trial whereby all three cases of the missing children could be heard at the same time. as should of happened back in 1990 but the three families received very bad advice at that time.

please,greg, do not compound that bad advice with continuing bad advice. give the three bowraville families what they so desperately pray for every day for over 20 years, and that is the justice that they so richly deserve.

on behalf of the families, this association calls on you to come and address the rally outside of parliament house to allow you to say to the families, ‘yes, justice must be done and seen to be done!’

the media are expressly invited to attend this event and talk with the three families.

any enquiries please contact leonie duroux on 0423 216 874 or email leonie.csda


the second item of importance is the isja meeting that will be held the same night, beginning at 7pm at the redfern community centre, adjacent to the block. we will be discussing ongoing isja business such as the rally above and how we can strengthen our support to the families. the preparations for a national day of action for the 10th anniversary of the police-chase death of young tj hickey and other issues central to the business of isja.

all are invited to join us at the venue above for our meeting.


ray jackson
indigenous social justice association

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address 1303/200 pitt street waterloo 2017


we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people.

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