BASE Community Food Program Christmas Party

Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy Community Food Program
Christmas party!

* karaoke * food * music * raffle *

Fri Nov 29, 7pm
Jagera Arts Hall, 121 Cordelia St, South Brisbane

Meal available for $5

A fundraiser for the BASE Community Food Program. The program was established in May this year and is now active in providing food parcels to families across Brisbane every week.

Show your support by coming along, it’ll be a great night!

About the food program:
“I suppose you’ve heard of closing the gap. But I don’t think the gap will ever be closed unless we close it ourselves. So going around in our communities, doing the food program, building the relationships up with each other – we are there to help each other. Whatever needs, whatever we can do. We can support each other…We may be different colours, but we all have problems. Everyday problems and issues. But we can go in as a brother or sister and support each other. We are just there because we’ve got a heart to love each and support each other no matter” ~ Aunty Karen Fusi.

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