Gamilaraay means “No” to Santos!

Yarma (hello),

The name ”Gamilaraay” means ”gamil”-having, ”gamil” being the word for “no” (from Wikipedia).

Santos should heed this call (details below) from the Kamilaroi people.

Gamilaraay means NO to CSG, no to exploitation of Kamilaroi land.

The claim in Wikipedia that the Gamilaraay language is moribund (dead) is false. I know three Kamilaroi people who speak the language. There are bound to be more.

Ian Curr
Nov 2013

Call out for warriors and supporters to help defend the sacred heart of Gamilaraay country, Pillga Forest, which is under threat from coal seam gas drilling.

Stop Santos destroying Aboriginal land.

We are looking to fill a ten seater bus and a seven seater Torago. Meet at Musgrave park on Wednesday 13th November leave by 10 o’clock at the latest and drive down to Mullumbimby, meeting another bus at mullumbimby and drive 9 hours to Gunnerdah and stay over night at Leard State Forest which is another Santos site. then drive to Pilliga the next day.

We are also looking for people who could ferry people from Brisbane to Mullumbimby that day.

Please phone Paul Spearim on 0416 069 788 to get your seat or for more information.

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