No to Newman. No to uranium mining.

CANPIn 1977 Bjelke-Petersen tried to stop the anti-uranium movement by banning
street marches. Unionists and students launched a defiant campaign which
gained community support. By August 1979 Petersen was forced to back-down.

Public Meeting:
How unionists, students and
environmentalists beat Bjelke-Petersen.

When:             6pm Tuesday 14 May
Where:            Trades and Labour Council Building
L2, 16 Peel St, South Brisbane

Current and former activists speaking include:
Robin Taubenfeld, Friends of the Earth
Trevor Berrill, Sustainable Energy Consultant
Ian Curr, Leftpress
Dr Sigrid McCausland, lecturer

Meeting facilitator:
Jan Ryall, SEARCH Foundation

Video footage of the protests provided by Ian Curr of Left Press.

Meeting hosted by Friends of the Earth and Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament.

Phone 0409 877 528 for more details.
Queensland Uranium:  High Risk – Low Return

3 thoughts on “No to Newman. No to uranium mining.

  1. Boe (Gamilaroi) speaks out against uranium mining and export in Adleaide


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