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Letter from Afghan MP’s about ‘Deporting to Danger’

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This letter was sent by over 40 Afghan Members of Parliament urging the Australian government not to send Hazaras back to Danger and not to reinstate the disastrous Temporary Visa. 1. Please ring your local member and urge them to … Continue reading


Today’s Protest in Kabul

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Grave concern with reports from Kabul agencies that they have been told to expect “VOLUNTARY RETURNS” from Australia soon. Minister Morrison is in negotiation with the Afghan Minister of Refugees and Repatriation who is accused of corrupt dealings with the … Continue reading


Gamilaraay means “No” to Santos!

Yarma (hello), The name ”Gamilaraay” means ”gamil”-having, ”gamil” being the word for “no” (from Wikipedia). Santos should heed this call (details below) from the Kamilaroi people. Gamilaraay means NO to CSG, no to exploitation of Kamilaroi land. The claim in … Continue reading