Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy

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1972 Aboriginal Embassy DOCUMENTARY

Produced by Brisbane’s 989fm Murri Radio and narrated by Tiga Bayles, this 30 minute audio documentary features Gary Foley, Chicka Dixon, Lilla Watson, Lorna Munro, Michael Anderson, Sam Watson, Boe Spearim, Paul Coe, Robbie Thorpe, Kevin Buzzacott, Isabel Coe & Bob Anderson.

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  1. Sovereignty - Murri radio 989 fm online broadcast says:

    [When] Friday, October 4, 2013
    [Time] 10:00am until 12:00pm
    [Where] Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4101
    [Description] Hosted by Brisbane’s 989fm Murri Radio, a panel discussion articulating the political/philosophical/legal intricacies of First Nations sovereignty will take place on October 4th. The panel, featuring four veterans of the Black political struggle including Michael Mansell (Palawa), Mary Graham (Kombumerri), Bob Weatherall (Gamilaraay) and Lilla Watson (Kungulu/Birrigubba) will be broadcasted online via Live Stream and on 989fm’s Let’s Talk the following Friday. Tiga Bayles (Birrigubba) will be facilitating the panel. CALL 0428 152 777 for more information.

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