Call for making officers responsible for the death of Roberto Curtin in Kings Cross Shootings

EMERGENCY RALLY – thursday 6/6 175 liverpool st. sydney.


The killing of Roberto Laudisio Curti in March last year has been reported and publicized many times and on Monday it was made known that after NSW coroner Mary Jerram referred several officers to the police integrity commission for their incompetence, brutality and lies, the PIC (Police Integrity Commission) had recommended to the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) that the five officers referred to them by the coroner, be prosecuted for their actions of recklessness for human life and that they had shown an excessive and unnecessary example of police powers. The report is not yet on the PIC site. Perhaps it never will be.

The NSW ombudsman, Bruce Barbour, in his investigation of the circumstances leading to the death of Roberto, stated that it was his opinion that the investigating police had failed to show any example of evident police misconduct. it was further reported, however, that overall he remained ‘satisfied’ with the integrity of the police investigation of themselves. just another gross example of buracratic bullshit.

I have no idea as to whether such a scenario had occurred previously in NSW whereby a coroner had referred a matter to the PIC who had then referred the matter to the DPP. I believe this now places a greater public weight upon the DPP to allow the charges to proceed to a court of law. After two distinct and independent levels of the NSW law have both stated that the police need to face charges, I would find it difficult for the DPP to say that both sets of recommendations have no legal standing or value and only the DPP can be right.

This is the time for the DPP to bite the bullet, as the coroner and the PIC have publically done, and to allow these errant police officers to be duly charged and then face the full justice of a court of law. This was tried, as we know, in Queensland with then s/s Chris Hurley for the killing of Mulrunji Doomadgee in 2004 but an all-white jury in Townsville found him not guilty of anything. Will the same happen here?

the second matter of concern is to the attitude of the dpp to the secret report by police into the kings cross shooting that occurred over 13 months ago when the kings cross police fired their glocks in a most dangerous and haphazard manner thus wounding 2 of the 6 occupants of the car. asst commissioner murdoch promised ‘a thorough and unbiased investigation.’ was such a report produced? not only do we not know but know the dpp, asst commissioner murdoch, police minister mike gallecher, aboriginal affairs minister victor dominello (and by extension the barry o’farrell government) agree that the report must not become a public document!

who are these people? they are in very well paid jobs paid for by taxpayers, snoughts in the public trough, and they tell us what we can see and not see! the labor shadows are doing even less. we have contacted nsw attorney-general,greg smith, calling on him as the first law-man of this state, to order the dpp to not only table the police investigation report but to also make public the reasonings that the dpp office stated that the police officers involved in the shootings and the consequent brutal assaults upon the 2 wounded youth.

to further both of these brutal attacks aqgainst civiliaians ISJA will be holding a rally outside of the office of the DPP to show support for Roberto’s family, both here and overseas. Of course we will also be strongly urging the DPP to, firstly uphold justice in this matter and, secondly, to make public the reasons why the Kings Cross police should not be charged. isja will be delivering a letter by hand setting out our demands for justice to be granted by the dpp.

The rally will be outside of the DPP office, 175 Liverpool Street, Sydney, on Thursday 6 June 2013. The rally will start at 1pm and we have invited roberto’s family here in Sydney to join us and also we have also invited david shoebridge of the nsw greens to join us.

We have also provided some relevant information to the family in Brazil. A letter urging the DPP to uphold justice will also be hand-delivered to their office.



One thought on “Call for making officers responsible for the death of Roberto Curtin in Kings Cross Shootings

  1. Halle Browne says:

    It’s great that this community supports the injustices done on non-indigenous too. There are numerous others. Not all coroner’s are like Honourable Justice Mary Jerram someone with ethics & guts.

    Many coroner’s have accepted police version only, reasonable doubt etc all paid by tax payers. These findings leave families unable to closure. How can such findings be allowed when lies are told under oath. When changes in photos used in evidence are dismissed by coroner’s & families are never given an answer.

    POLICE CANNOT INVESTIGATE THEMSELVES. This is unethical, unjust & unlawful. Truth can never be reached under current regime. It’s done over & over to many non-indigenous too. Families don’t have money for re-investigation & they know it.

    Interesting study done by Caxton Legal re: coroner’s findings on several cases. We too see liars up for promotion. Lives cannot be saved as long as lies continue under custodial legal killings by perpetrators who lie under oath for their mates.

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