Black, Red and White Wars

Most people in the U.S.A. have heard of Crazy Horse
that Indian folk hero who demolished Custer's force
'Sitting Bull', the Nez Perce 'Joseph' 'Cochise' 'Geronimo'
Indigenous Americans whose deeds of long ago
brought a blaze of glory to the red man in his land
But do we heed our native heroes who trod this southern strand?

Have you heard of 'Newarluk' who fought by Kimberley lagoons?
How 'Beresford' was vanquished by the fighting Kalkadoons?
Carbines cracked in Lawn Hill Gorge to still Joe Flick's last hope,
and jimmy governor's tragic tale that ended at the rope
why don't we Australians revere our native sons
who fought to save their birth right
and died beneath the guns?

by Jack Drake in The Outback vs The Wild West

Blurb from Boolarong press: In this volume Drake, focuses on the famous pastoral explorers, drovers and trail drivers; the poddy dodgers, horse-thieves and rustlers; the wars of the land grabbers with Australian Aborigines and the American Indians; the clashes of lawless western entrepreneurs with the laws of the bit cities in the east; the colourful females who ventured out into a man’s world and made their names, the transport by puffing billies and famous stage coach lines and buckjumpers, roughriders and rodeos.

I like the poem, the book may be worth a look. Check it out in the BCC library.

The Outback vs The Wild West

Drake, Jack.

Publisher:     Central Queensland University Press,

Pub date:     2006.

Pages:     viii, 240 p. :

ISBN:     1876780673

Item info:     3 copies available at Bracken Ridge, Bulimba Library, and Holland Park Library.

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