The no advantage test

This table can be used through the silly season when the GUTTER PRESS are likely to start running stories of asylum seekers living the lush life in order to drum up hate and bitterness among those so inclined. Yesterday we heard about one Community house which regularly has rubbish and other indescribable refuse dumped at their front door as well as having their house “egged”.

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Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
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“AUSTRALIA. Built by boatpeople.”

REGIONAL OFFSHORE PROCESSING CLIENTS – name for those people who arrived post 13 August and who are released into CD to await indefinite process or removal off-shore Manus or Nauru Islands if places become available.

Released from locked detention to Community Detention (CD). At any time can be re-detained or sent offshore to Nauru or Manus Island.

Under the no advantage rule there are no time lines for when and if a person’s refugee claim will be processed.

Even, if after a person has been found to be a refugee, there is no timeline for granting of a visa.

Payments schedule is complicated with a few dollars less for under 21 years- no doubt they eat less than over 21!

Payments are described as LEVEL ONE and LEVEL TWO- in plain English LEVEL TWO IS NO ADVANTAGE RULE (post August 13)

Difference is $40 less per week which is substantial when you are trying to survive on $126 per week minus $25 for utilities .

Available to families and vulnerable adults only.

  • Entitlements are equivalent to 60% of lowest Centrelink benefit
  • Minus $50 per fortnight deducted for utilities
  • Housing

For those arriving:

Adult payment 

2 parents with child /children

(one payment only per age group even if more than one child in group- a supplementary $3.50 per week for third or more children)

Pre August 13 

Under21= $141

Over 22=$177.50


Partner relationship

=$141 eachunder21

=$155 each over 22



  • Add $55.50 per week for child aged 0-12yrs


  • Add $77 per week for child 13-17 yrs

Add $4 per week for 3rd child


Post August 13 



Partner relationship

=$121 eachunder21

=$133.50ea over22



  • Add $51 per week for child 0 -12 yrs


  • Add $66 per week for child 13-17 yrs. Add $3.50 per week for 3rd child

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