Abigroup brings more serious charges against Bob Carnegie

Why is Abigroup bringing charges against Bob Carnegie?

Abigroup got court orders during the Qld Children’s Hospital dispute to ban Bob Carnegie from the site, and is now pushing charges of contempt of court. They are likely to be heard on 11-13 February 2013.

On Wednesday 7 November, Bob received court papers for another prosecution, this one under the Fair Work Australia law and the tort of nuisance. The CFMEU, ETU, and CEPU (plumbers’) unions are also involved. This case is due to be heard in July 2013.

The financial losses incurred by Abigroup during the dispute would better have been avoided by negotiating and agreeing to the workers’ demand much earlier. It is as obvious that those losses cannot be recouped by legal proceedings against a person like Bob Carnegie who has no financial resources other than what an ordinary worker has.

In this context the proceedings against Bob Carnegie can only be seen as a spiteful attempt to intimidate every community activist who may in future wish to assist workers in obtaining justice.

Queensland Teachers Union State Council pledges support for Bob

This motion was passed by the Queensland Teachers Union State Council last Saturday 11 Nov 2012.

  • condemns Abigroup for mounting a serious legal attack on community activist Bob Carnegie in relation to his role in the recent 9-week dispute at the Queensland Children’s Hospital
  • offers its support to Bob Carnegie
  • supports the raising of funds for the QCH workers’ relief fund if requested to help pay for the backlog of bills accumulated during the QCH dispute
  • calls on the Gillard Government to repeal the clauses in the Fair Work legislation that allow employers to take out injunctions against trade union officials and community activists assisting workers during industrial disputes.

More serious charges laid against Bob Carnegie by Abigroup in addition to the contempt charges. For details see http://bobcarnegiedefence.wordpress.com/campaign-news/

There are currently 600 signatures on Bob’s petition. We need to get 1000.

Please check it out and send invites to sign http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/abigroup-drop-the-charges-against-bob-carnegie

Meeting of Trade Union Support Group to discuss organising May Day next Monday, at 6 p.m., 20 November 2012 at 69 Thomas Street

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