QLD UNCUT – rally this Saturday, 1pm on September the 22nd at Brisbane Square!

With the LNP’s ‘budget of a generation’ fresh off the press, the full impact of cuts to the public and community sectors is yet to be understood.

So far we know that the government has / plans to:

– Cut funding to Murri Court, Drug Court and Special Circumstances Courts

– Cut funding to the proposed Musgrave Park Cultural Centre, including taking away 5 million dollars which has been set aside for the project by previous governments

– Slash $259.7 million dollars from the Non-Government sector over four years

– Cut a minimum of 14 000 job cuts in the public sector – this doesn’t include community sector jobs which will be lost due to funding cuts, or cuts to jobs which will be outsourced due to privatisation.

– Cut $20 million dollars from Arts grant programs over 4 years

– Save $823 million dollars over four years by driving down wages and workers’ conditions in the public sector (page 97, QLD budget measures:http://www.budget.qld.gov.au/budget-papers/2012- 13/bp4-2-2012-13.pdf )

– Shut down QBuild, Queensland’s largest employer of trades apprentices

… the budget doesn’t include cuts to numerous services such as Healthy Communities which have already lost funding.

Join us at 1pm on September the 22nd at Brisbane Square to protest against Newman’s razor gang and their attacks on the community and public sector.

Confirmed speakers so far:

+ Arlene Lewis – Co-ordinator, Ipswich Regional Advocacy Service Incorporated
+ Dr Wendell Rosevear – Stonewall Medical Centre – former member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS
+ Dr Alison Stewart – Community Health Worker
+ Jess Payne – Equal Love
+ Erin Roberts – Community member advocating for National Insurance Disabilities Scheme.
+ Bob Carnegie – Trade Unionist and community organiser for the QLD Children’s hospital workers’ strike + A speaker from the Coalition of Community Boards
+ A speaker (details TBC) from the Murri community to talk about the funding cuts to Murri Court and Musgrave Park Cultural Centre


Send an email to queenslanduncut@gmail.com


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2 thoughts on “QLD UNCUT – rally this Saturday, 1pm on September the 22nd at Brisbane Square!

  1. Hi everyone,

    The meeting tonight will be at the TLC building, 16 Peel Street South Brisbane, Level 2

    On the agenda:
    Report back from last weekend’s Qld Uncut forum at the ALP conference!

    RALLY this Saturday! Future activities!

    New people who haven’t attended meetings before are always welcome – hope you can make it! 🙂

  2. Rally, Tues 25 Sept 2012 says:

    Say no to Campbell’s cuts!
    Fully fund community services!
    Tuesday 25 Sept 2012
    11:30 am Hilton Hotel 190 Elizabeth Street Brisbane

    Join us for a demonstration outside the Hilton to take a stand against his ‘vision’ of robbing from the poor to give to the rich, and demand full funding for community and public services! http://www.facebook.com/events/540943725921000/

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